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TocanSoft delivers an array of ready-to-use solutions tailored for comprehensive supply chain management. Our platform empowers businesses to quickly deploy customized, white-label software that integrates flawlessly with existing IT systems, whether hosted on your private clouds or local servers. This ensures utmost data security and privacy, keeping your sensitive information securely within your control.

Leveraging over a decade of expertise in developing specialized solutions for the transportation and supply chain sectors, TocanSoft's seasoned professionals offer unparalleled support across more than 20 industries, including trucking, construction, and healthcare. With TocanSoft, companies can confidently navigate the competitive landscape, reducing operational costs and enhancing delivery efficiency.

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Truck Transportation 

Using TocanSoft TMS, manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, and retailers can ensure goods are delivered quickly with minimum costs.

You can build, manage, and scale your own fleet and enlist the help of 3PL companies when necessary. Improve your distribution channels and reduce costs by closely monitoring and optimizing your trucking fleet.  

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Postal and Courier

TocanSoft transportation software provides a highly flexible feature-rich solution to seamlessly switch between postal and courier services. Analyze shipping costs and transit times from various companies and quickly decide on the best option according to your preferences.

TocanSoft system allows you to easily meet all your transportation requirements and minimize costs. 

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As manufacturers continue to face shrinking margins amidst increasing competition and higher fuel costs, transportation management is more important than ever.

TocanSoft comprehensive solutions ensure seamless data flow throughout your supply chain.

Our integrated systems enable vehicle tracking, mobile communications, and data collection to reduce manual work and boost operational efficiency. 

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Oil and Gas 

Energy development projects are characterized by extreme complexity. Often, thousands of truck trips are needed to transport fuel, pipes, and drilling equipment, among other things.

Our fully customizable solutions make complex logistics challenges simpler, while allowing you to rapidly expand your fleet, monitor services, and achieve your supply chain goals. 

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With our TMS platform, retail businesses can achieve complete supply chain visibility and make complex logistics challenges simpler.

Our software continually monitors fleet activity and raises alerts in case of accidents. Retailers also get access to a state-of-the-art last-mile optimization solution to increase ease of doing business and allow you to focus on improving relationships with customers

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Transporting perishable food or beverage items is a complex endeavor as delays can lead to spoilage and significantly increase costs.

Our transportation management software uses state-of-the-art algorithms to ensure your products travel the fastest routes possible with minimal delays. Our scalable on-demand TMS provides end-to-end visibility to help you easily monitor your cargo.  

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We’re dedicated to making construction transport operations more effective, safer, and greener.

Our industry-leading transportation and warehouse management solutions enable your logistics teams to efficiently store and promptly deliver supplies and tools to the correct locations. On-site storage and replenishment management features make logistic processes even more efficient.

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Healthcare and pharmaceutical logistics are impossible without a comprehensive transportation solution as medical products require timely, safe, and reliable shipping.

TocanSolution TMS provides fast and accurate transportation algorithms for route planning, dispatching, delivery, and fleet management. Our software allows you to plan and coordinate the movement of goods and reduce manual procedures.

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