Last Mile Delivery System

Our Last Mile delivery system will help you to reduce costs during the most expensive, longest, and most difficult-to-manage delivery by optimizing the work of couriers and customer interactions. It automates the courier's activities during delivery to the end user and will allow you to arrange delivery at the exact time, or according to other parameters you need.

About Last Mile

Our Last Mile delivery system will ease the final stage of your chain delivery of orders to the customer. It consists of many parameters and pays attention to all the details of process automation.

The logistics option of our Last Mile was developed to monitor the pick-ups of parcels by postal and courier companies for subsequent delivery to the addressee.

You can simply plan the optimal delivery routes, set necessary data on the characteristics of the delivery object, the desired delivery time, and its type, and add restrictions to the courier if needed based on their experience. The Last Mile system provides planning tools using AI forecasts for the required number of couriers by city districts and time ranges. This is especially useful for expressing food delivery by anticipating spikes in orders in advance.

Last-mile delivery can be completed using various modes of transportation, including trucks, vans, bicycles, or even on foot. Depending on the destination location and the type of product being delivered, last-mile delivery can involve navigating through congested city streets, navigating narrow rural roads, or navigating difficult-to-access urban areas.

  • Closeness to the end customer by delivering packages to end customers who may be located in any area. It provides navigation through congested city streets or difficult-to-access areas.
  • Increased delivery speed for customers who expect their packages to be delivered as quickly as possible and complete time-sensitive deliveries. 
  • Improved delivery accuracy for customers who expect their packages to be delivered accurately and without damage.
  • Gains trust and provides a high degree of flexibility to accommodate the needs of different customers by delivering packages outside of normal business hours, providing different delivery options, and making multiple delivery attempts per need.
  • Uses real-time tracking, automated route optimization, and other advanced tools to streamline the process and ensure timely and accurate delivery to the end customer.

What’s Part of the Service?

Last-mile delivery will have a significant impact on the overall customer experience. A positive last-mile delivery experience we will provide, can result in satisfied customers, repeat business, and positive reviews.

The last-mile delivery process is complex and time-consuming, as it involves multiple steps such as order processing, packing, loading, and delivery. Also, it is more dependent on the human factor than other stages - the courier, the client, and the dispatcher communicate with each other all the time. Therefore, we have simplified such communication, made it simpler and faster, but at the same time completely controlled by our system. This control is needed both for subsequent analytics (big-data business intelligence and source for AI forecast) and getting information (feedback) about the quality of the courier's work and the client review.

  • Automatic route planning and traffic forecasting modules to reduce your delivery time
  • Courier shift planning module to get more delivery efficiency
  • Order forecasting module to predict your delivery time
  • Module for monitoring the plan-the fact of the planned routes by your couriers
  • Module for creating events informing the dispatcher and the client about changes in planned routes
  • Client communication module that will record the courier data, track the location of the parcel and the courier, and conduct various surveys on the quality of the courier and the company
  • Mobile apps for the courier to simplify operations and bring more efficiency

Overall, last-mile delivery is a critical component of the modern delivery ecosystem, offering numerous benefits to businesses and customers alike. Last-mile delivery offers a range of benefits to both businesses and customers.

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Communication with the client

Timely communication with the client is crucial to ensure a seamless delivery experience. Our system will inform the client about the courier's planned arrival time. A configurable delivery strategy will allow you to specify when to inform the client - immediately after planning the route, before leaving for the client, or under other requested conditions. Informing can be either through direct communication channels (SMS, Viber, Whatsapp)or through bots. Also, communication with the client is carried out to receive feedback on the quality of the courier's work.

  • Provides regular updates and keeps the client informed about the status of their delivery, including the expected delivery time and any potential delays
  • Uses real-time tracking and helps the client monitor the progress of their delivery in real-time
  • Provides clear delivery instructions and ensures that the client knows exactly what to expect during the delivery, including any special delivery requirements
  • Follows up once delivery is completed to ensure that the client is satisfied with the delivery experience and to address any issues or concerns

Order forecasting

This feature will help you to improve your accuracy in predicting demand, optimize delivery routes, and enhance the overall customer experience. Also, it will highly increase the efficiency of couriers by reducing downtime and ensuring the number of couriers on planned deliveries is necessary to maintain the delivery parameters at precise intervals or days when customers want to receive the orders.

  • Analyzes data on last-mile delivery and customer delivery preferences to forecast future demand accurately, like delivery times, delivery addresses, delivery options, and customer feedback
  • Uses geographic location to predict delivery times based on the distance between the delivery address and the transportation hub or distribution center to optimize delivery routes and minimize delivery times
  • Collects customer feedback to improve delivery accuracy and overall satisfaction with the delivery experience
  • Uses real-time tracking to monitor the progress and adjust order forecasting accordingly

Traffic jam forecasting

Often your planning is done in advance, at least a few hours before departure or even in the evening. Delivery can be affected by traffic jams, which can cause delays and impact delivery times. We provide traffic jam forecasting since it is essential to ensure that last-mile deliveries are made on time and to minimize the impact of traffic on your delivery process, improve delivery times, and boost the overall customer experience.

  • Analyzes traffic data to identify patterns and trends in traffic congestion, such as peak traffic times and common areas of congestion to forecast traffic jams accurately and help in planning delivery routes accordingly
  • Uses real-time traffic monitoring tools, such as GPS tracking to monitor traffic conditions and identify potential traffic jams to help you adjust delivery routes in real time to avoid heavy traffic and ensure timely deliveries
  • Uses predictive analytics tools to forecast traffic jams based on factors such as weather conditions, events, and road closures to help you plan delivery routes proactively and avoid potential delays

Last mile in Industries

Last Mile Delivery System for Retailers

Food delivery. The last-mile delivery system will allow you to automate the planning and all operations working with couriers.

This will lead to your staff concentration in the stores on the processes themselves, which increase the quality of work, decrease the number of man-hours spent on organizing delivery logistics, interaction with clients and will increase sales, and reduce operational costs.

Last Mile Delivery System for Couriers and E-commerce

Last-mile will ease the delivery of goods from the distribution center to the end consumer. The system will allow you to integrate the marketplace application with logistics and calculate the correct delivery time online, check and control the availability of resources and other parameters.

This leads to improving customer experience, reducing shipping costs, and maintaining a competitive advantage in the market.

Last Mile Delivery System for Postal Companies

Last-mile will help to control the delivery and collection of parcels to the end customer at home or in the office. The system will allow you to automate the processes of the last mile with the trunk logistics. Works in conjunction with WMS sorting, and labeling.

To control the weight dimensions, use the AI modules for determining dimensions over cameras.

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