Warehouse Management System WMS

Our fully functional WMS system will easily help to manage your warehouses—from 1000m2 to 20000m2 — and solve the issues with trading, distribution or logistics by automating the processes. WMS was developed together with logistics practitioners, and the functions and settings included will cover everything that is necessary for a company’s needs

About WMS

We have seized the limitations associated with the lack of storage space, different types of SKUs, and the specifics of individual logistic and technological processes and operations, the use of loading equipment, weighing, and cooling. As well as a billing module for warehouse operations for 3 PL.

Our WMS helps logistic planners in 3PL and 4PL companies manage and automate warehouse processes and inventories. WMS aims to reduce the impact of the human factor and increase the efficiency of warehouse logistics. This is a solution for both managers and employees, it allows you to manage and control physical processes, including acceptance of goods and their movement to storage locations, keep records of inventory in the warehouse, create optimal storage conditions, and store a history of all warehouse events for subsequent analytics and calculation of the cost of storage.

  • Optimizing space utilization and inventory management
  • Offering optimal storage solutions according to the goods’ conditions
  • Managing inventory based on SKU
  • Lowering the cost of ownership
  • Offering real-time visibility over storage and warehouse
  • Billing activities automation
  • Improving the efficiency of logistics in the warehouse

What’s Part of the Service?

The Warehouse Management System, TocanSoft WMS is a part of the Supply Chain Execution (SCE) suite of supply chain management solutions. TocanSoft WMS can integrate with other Supply Chain solutions - TocanSoft TMS and TocanSoft YMS for smooth operations. The system also integrates with ERP and CRM to transfer data directly to the CMS systems of online stores. All solutions on the TocanSoft platform can collect and process data in the Tocan Business Intelligence (BI) system.

  • SAAS rental model for small companies - the system runs on our company's servers
  • Fully functional stationary version of WMS for warehouses larger than 3000 m2
  • Integration with other software, including TMS, YMS, ERP, and CRM class accounting systems
  • Supported parameters of the expiration date, batches, serial numbers, and main strategies of FIFO, LIFO, FEFO
  • Integrating hardware solutions, including data collection terminals, multifunction label printers, and weighing equipment

The WMS system will help you to reduce costs and increase work efficiency by eliminating paperwork and optimizing picking and packing processes. Packaging and returnable containers are taken into account as well, so there is no need to suspend the operation of the warehouse to perform an inventory. You will be able to easily manage the human resources involved in the warehouse.

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Administrative Module

This is our main module, which allows 3PL and 4PL businesses to manage warehouses by automating product acceptance, placement, picking, packing, and shipment. Our warehouse management system uses dashboards and reports to manage the execution of tasks and control settlements with clients and personnel. The tool keeps track of the quantity and location of goods and integrates with hardware, like printers, conveyors, and other external services.

  • Increases assembly accuracy, optimizes space and staff usage
  • Manages supply chain operations and boosts warehouse capacity
  • Tracks the real-time movement of products
  • Configures the warehouse topology and other directories

Mobile Module

This module will automate tasks assigned to managers or warehouse workers. Allows you to quickly perform assigned tasks using the barcode and QR code scanner built into your mobile device. The system fully manages employees to optimize their work and reduce possible errors. The managers can have a mobile version of the WMS tool to see reports, workload, and other processes.

  • Reduces downtime by offering a detailed work schedule
  • Eliminates downtime among warehouse staff
  • Oversees staff performance
  • Reduces paperwork and manual data entry

Voice Platform

This voice module facilitates communication between managers and warehouse workers, eliminating errors due to a lack of proper communication. This module increases the speed of communication by removing the need to send text messages through the mobile platform or other means. Warehouse workers can talk to other staff or managers while performing their tasks to ensure everything goes as planned.

  • Provides fast and real-time communication
  • Reduces errors due to a lack of proper assignments
  • Boosts staff performance and satisfaction
  • Allows to faster receive confirmations from managers

Drone Module

Using drones allows you to speed up the inventory efficiency by 10 times, which significantly reduces its costs and impact on business. Using drones will optimize human performance by navigating the warehouse more proficiently and optimizing inventory management, product placement and picking, item search, and inventory audit.

  • Optimizes space allocation
  • Keeps track of inventory without pausing operations
  • Speeds up inventory processes
  • Navigates the warehouse

WMS in Industries

Warehouse Management System for Retailers

The WMS system will allow you to manage the company's warehouse, acceptance, and accounting for the shipment of goods to improve your logistics, increase visibility over inventory, and automate warehouse operations. Voice control options will help to allocate space to the products inside the warehouse based on specific criteria, such as product compatibility, expiration dates, batches, etc.

Warehouse Management System for Post and Delivery

WMS automates the process of parcel assembly to ensure items are collected from the client, stored in the warehouse, and delivered to the recipient safely and fast. The weight and size characteristics of the goods are measured automatically, speeding up the process of cargo handling as much as possible by eliminating manual work.

Warehouse Management System for Couriers and E-commerce

WMS system helps to ease the process of storing goods since assembling an order is automated, taking into account expiration dates, volumes of goods, conditions of product neighborhood, advertising, and promotional conditions which will address the item handling and storage challenges easily.

You can also use Tocan’s WMS and YMS to optimize warehouse and yard processes.

Warehouse Management System for Agriculture Holdings

The WMS system will help to manage the placement and storage of finished products, fertilizers, spare parts, and materials. It helps to organize goods inside specially equipped warehouses or open warehouse areas based on their storage conditions and types.

Warehouse Management System for Distributors

The WMS system will allow you to manage the distributor's warehouse, acceptance of goods, account for the shipment, and use the voice control module to organize shipping processes, take into account batches of goods, expiration dates and other criteria, weight and size characteristics.

Easily find the issues of product neighborhood by using the principles of FIFO and LIFO.

Warehouse Management System for Manufacturers

The WMS system will allow you to manage the warehouse of finished products of a manufacturing enterprise, warehouses of raw materials and materials efficiently, and use inventory. Our system automates these processes and boosts inventory management. It also facilitates inventory floating without stopping warehouse processes.

Warehouse Management System for 3PL/4PL Operators

The WMS system will enable the organization of effective warehouse management by gaining control over your storage and distribution. Helps with the accounting, and storage of customer cargo, has a built-in billing facilities and accounting systems to ease your financial operations, and generates invoices automatically.

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