Transportation Management System TMS

One of the best integrated solutions for transport logistics in the field of supply chain management to transform operations and optimizing processes. Leading option for companies providing forwarding services and for companies with their own fleet of vehicles

About TMS

Our system will help your transportation or logistic business automate delivery processes, track vehicles and cargo, and plan routes through its customized solutions. You will be able to automate all elements in the process of transportation and cost management, delivery planning, performance control, transport status control, actual cost control.

TMS will reduce the number of human errors, reduce costs and clear the control of the delivery cost and transport maintenance. Also, this system will allow you to build work with customers at all points of the route, organize feedback from customers, promptly inform about changes therefore increase customer loyalty.

  • Tracks the movement of vehicles and drivers in real time
  • Supports mobile application for a driver, forwarder, courier, sales representative merchandiser, service engineer, security service, etc
  • Uses cartography module with support of any mapping services and has forecasting traffic congestion
  • Efficient in managing employees, cargo, rolling stock and reduces the influence of the human factor
  • Fast in laying optimal routes and easily integrates with any sensors
  • Fuel and traffic control, adaptation to individual requirements
  • Provides synchronization with any accounting system

What’s Part of the Service?

It uses more than 100 parameters and helps logistic managers to stay on top of road conditions and avoid unexpected on-the-road and weather problems. Transport management system is a modular construction platform consisting of more than 25 modules and it is ready for integration with major management systems - SAP, Oracle Business objects, Microsoft Navision, Microsoft Axapta etc. Our TMS is easily integrated with other platform solutions (WMS, YMS, SCM), which will allow you to automate the complete processes in various business areas - transportation companies, retail, postal courier companies, etc.

  • Gives customers real-time data on the status of their orders
  • Supports tracking by Android tracker and has the mobile app for Android/iOS
  • Works with different types of GPS/GLONASS trackers
  • Has GPS/GSM controllers and sensors - accounting for fuel consumption by fuel level sensors, flow sensors, CAN and OBD buses
  • Includes cartography: Google, OpenStreetMap, etc.

Ultimately, our Transportation Management System will give you a competitive advantage and increase customer satisfaction by error-free and efficient processes. 

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Planning Module and cartography

Using OpenStreetMap with our additional map layers, it optimizes route planning by considering real-time data, specific requirements and conditions. The automatic planning module has 8 scheduling algorithms for different types of businesses, allowing you to automatically receive sets of orders that are optimal in cost, search for a suitable vehicle / driver, build order chains to minimize the total cost of delivery throughout the company.

  • Reduces transportation costs, eliminates human errors
  • Automatically plans routes, has built-in visual tools for manual planning
  • Customizes road planning, readjusts planned routes based on real-time conditions
  • Tracks your fleet movement under special requirements and conditions
  • Has the ability to make your own changes to the road graph
  • Supports additional restrictions for special vehicles and hazardous materials

AI Module

The AI module uses data generated by sensors and other tools to plan the best and fastest routes. You can use this data in business intelligence to find patterns in your operations and readjust your strategies. This data helps business managers become proactive in taking strategies, predict problems, and evaluate the effectiveness of their current processes. Forecast traffic jams and road issues for better delivery. 

  • Predicts the exact delivery time
  • Forecasts orders by geographical geo-zones for courier delivery and postal companies
  • Detects driver behaviours through GPS data and video analytics to check their condition or control the fuel consumption
  • Increases productivity by reducing the idle time
  • Forecasts unloading time for customers

MTE Module

This module will help to reduce transportation costs and control all expenses. The Motor Transport Enterprise module uses predictive analysis to record transport and maintenance costs to minimize the total cost of delivery. It considers every cost incurred per 1 kilometer of vehicle trips to calculate the entire delivery for the customers. These include gas prices, maintenance costs, licenses, insurance, etc. This module will help you to prevent maintenance-related issues, fines, and regulatory punishments due to expired licenses. 

  • Informs on future maintenance of the fleet, details on fuel cards, licenses, insurances
  • Supports the repair cost planning
  • Provides cost planning for tires, batteries, etc.
  • Has the budget forecasting based on repair standards, tire replacement, etc.
  • Analyses provided information and notifies the user

Telematics, Mobile Application and Customer Portal

Our horizontally scalable telematics module  facilitates communication between the parties involved. It will allow you to work with hundreds of thousands of GPS objects, receive any data from sensors, CAN bus, video cameras online and exchange results with other platform modules. You can oversee the driver and vehicle performance through the mobile application and prevent issues created by the driver’s driving habits or manage the work of the courier online and receive information about the movement, the status of delivery/pickup of goods, etc.

  • Obtains and analyzes data on the GPS location of the car and from various sensors
  • Supports fuel consumption sensors, door opening sensors, shock sensors, video cameras, etc.
  • Monitors the course of planned routes, plan-fact. 
  • Creates triggers for deviation from the planned route, deviation from the planned time, informs the dispatcher and the client in accordance with the settings.
  • Interacts with the client through the client’s portal, mobile application, TelegramBot, instant messengers online

TMS in Industries

Transportation Management System for FTL

Our TMS system will help to avoid empty returns, cut spends, increase revenue, and gain 24/7 visibility over your vehicles. You will get the ability to plan the delivery chain and maximize the use of the fleet and increase margins.

The recommended modules for FTL businesses are Planning, Telematics, Customer Portal, and MTE. These modules work together to help you shorten delivery time, maximize and optimize the use of your fleet. 

Transportation Management System for LTL

TMS will be a huge help in optimizing truck loads with AI modules to cut delivery time, costs and meet the requirements of your customers. LTL businesses can use our modules to get the best out of their fleet by optimizing space allocation.

Our recommended modules are Planning, Telematics, Client Portal, and MTE, which will help to better communicate with customers and ensure cargo compatibility.

Transportation Management System for Couriers

TMS will ease the planning of courier work schedules, avoid downtime or lack of couriers and increase their productivity while delivering orders. Automatic sequence of visits to delivery points and collection of cargo will help your customers to gain full visibility over their order status.

Our recommended modules are Planning, Telematics, Client Portal, MTE, and AI so you could more accurately predict the time for picking and movement to optimize the workload.

Transportation Management System for Retailers, Manufacturers or Distributors

TMS will ease the allocation of truck space by using the unloading methods based on your good types and compatibility to meet the requirements of timely deliveries. Our modules help you to move as much cargo as possible and boost your profits.

We recommend using Planning, Telematics, Client Portal, ATP, and AI modules to optimize every step of the process from order acceptance up to delivery. 

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