Transportation Management System TMS

One of the best-integrated solutions for transport logistics in the field of supply chain management is to transform operations and optimize processes. The leading option for companies providing forwarding services and for companies with their own fleet of vehicles

About TMS

Looking to make your delivery or trucking business easier to manage? Our system is here to help. It makes organizing deliveries, keeping an eye on trucks and packages, and figuring out the best routes a breeze. You can automate pretty much everything – from planning and tracking deliveries to checking how your team is doing and managing costs. This means less hassle for you and more time to focus on growing your business. With our system, managing your delivery operations becomes simpler and more efficient, helping you stay ahead in the fast-moving world of logistics.

Our Transportation Management System (TMS) is a game-changer for your delivery business. It cuts down on mistakes, saves money, and gives you a clear picture of delivery and maintenance costs. Plus, it's great for keeping customers happy. With our TMS, you can:

  • Stay Connected with Customers: Keep in touch with your customers at every step, get their feedback easily, and update them quickly about any changes. This boosts trust and loyalty.
  • Track in Real-Time: Watch where your vehicles and drivers are on the map, anytime.
  • Go Mobile: Whether it's for your driver, sales team, or security, we've got an app for that.
  • Navigate Smarter: Avoid traffic jams with our mapping tools that work with any map service.
  • Manage Better: Keep tabs on your team, cargo, and vehicles more efficiently, reducing errors.
  • Plan the Best Routes: Our system finds the quickest paths and works well with all kinds of sensors.
  • Control Costs: Keep an eye on fuel use and manage traffic costs, all tailored to your needs.
  • Easy Accounting: Sync up with any accounting system without a hitch.

Our TMS makes managing deliveries smoother, helping you focus on growing your business and making your customers happier.

Discover the Full Range of Our TMS Services

Our Transportation Management System (TMS) is designed to elevate your logistics management to the next level, ensuring seamless operations and enhanced customer satisfaction. Here's what makes our TMS stand out:

  • Advanced Road Condition Insights: Utilizes over 100 parameters to help logistics managers navigate road and weather challenges effortlessly.
  • Modular Design: A platform with more than 25 modules for tailored solutions, ready to integrate with leading management systems like SAP, Oracle Business Objects, Microsoft Navision, and Microsoft Axapta.
  • Comprehensive Integration: Easily pairs with WMS, YMS, SCM, and more, automating end-to-end processes across transportation, retail, postal, and courier sectors.
  • Real-Time Order Updates: Offers customers live updates on their order statuses.
  • Versatile Tracking Options: Supports Android trackers and provides mobile apps for both Android and iOS devices.
  • GPS/GLONASS Compatibility: Works with various GPS/GLONASS trackers for precise location services.
  • Sophisticated Monitoring: Features GPS/GSM controllers and sensors for detailed monitoring, including fuel consumption via fuel level and flow sensors, CAN, and OBD buses.
  • Extensive Mapping Support: Integrates with major cartography services like Google and OpenStreetMap for accurate navigation.

Our TMS not only streamlines your operations but also provides a significant competitive edge by ensuring your processes are efficient and error-free, leading to higher customer satisfaction.

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Planning Module and cartography

Our TMS takes route optimization to the next level by integrating OpenStreetMap with our proprietary map layers. This powerful combination allows for precision in route planning, considering real-time data, specific business needs, and conditions. Here’s how our system transforms your logistics operations:

  • Cost-Effective Route Selection: With 8 scheduling algorithms tailored for various business models, our automatic planning module ensures you're always on the most cost-efficient path. It seamlessly assigns orders, finds the right vehicle/driver, and organizes order chains to slash delivery costs company-wide.
  • Cut Transportation Costs and Errors: Dramatically reduce expenses and minimize manual mistakes with our system’s ability to auto-plan routes. Plus, for those who prefer a hands-on approach, we offer intuitive visual tools for manual planning.
  • Adaptive Road Planning: Our system doesn’t just set a route; it constantly adapts it based on live traffic and weather conditions, ensuring you’re always on the best course.
  • Special Requirements Handling: Whether you have specific fleet movement needs or special conditions, our system keeps track of your fleet in real-time, ensuring compliance and efficiency.
  • Customization and Flexibility: Modify the road graph directly in our system to better suit your unique routes and requirements.
  • Consideration for Special Restrictions: Supports planning with additional constraints for special vehicles and hazardous materials, ensuring safety and compliance.

By leveraging our TMS, you gain access to unparalleled route planning efficiency, ensuring your operations are not only cost-effective but also adaptable to any challenge.

AI Module

Our TMS is powered by an advanced AI module that revolutionizes route planning and operational strategy. By harnessing data from sensors and analytics tools, our AI enables:

  • Optimal Route Planning: Identifies the quickest, most efficient routes, enhancing delivery speed and reliability.
  • Strategic Insights: Utilizes business intelligence to uncover patterns, allowing for strategic adjustments and proactive decision-making.
  • Predictive Analytics: Forecasts potential roadblocks and traffic congestion, ensuring smoother deliveries.
  • Precision in Delivery Scheduling: Accurately predicts delivery times, improving customer satisfaction.
  • Enhanced Area Management: Allocates orders based on geographic zones, optimizing courier and postal service operations.
  • Driver Monitoring: Analyzes GPS and video data to monitor driver behavior, ensuring safety and fuel efficiency.
  • Increased Efficiency: Minimizes downtime by predicting unloading times, allowing for better resource allocation.

This AI integration not only streamlines your delivery process but also empowers your business to anticipate challenges, refine strategies, and boost overall productivity.

MTE Module

Our Motor Transport Enterprise module is engineered to significantly reduce transportation costs and oversee all related expenses through advanced predictive analysis. This module meticulously records transport and maintenance expenses to drastically lower the total delivery cost. By analyzing every cost associated with vehicle trips per kilometer—including gas, maintenance, licensing, and insurance—it calculates the most cost-efficient delivery strategy for your customers.

Key Features:

  • Maintenance Alerts: Stay ahead of maintenance needs with notifications on upcoming fleet care, including fuel cards, licenses, and insurance details.
  • Repair Cost Planning: Easily plan for repair expenses, ensuring you're always prepared.
  • Comprehensive Cost Planning: Manage expenses for tires, batteries, and more with detailed planning tools.
  • Budget Forecasting: Utilize repair standards and tire replacement data for accurate budget forecasts.
  • Proactive Notifications: Receive analyses and alerts to prevent maintenance issues, avoid fines, and circumvent regulatory penalties from expired licenses.

With this module, you'll not only streamline your operational expenses but also enhance fleet efficiency and compliance, safeguarding your business against unforeseen costs and regulatory challenges.

Telematics, Mobile Application and Customer Portal

Our telematics module is designed for seamless scalability, ensuring robust communication between all involved parties. It's capable of handling hundreds of thousands of GPS objects, processing real-time data from sensors, CAN buses, and video cameras, and integrating this information across the platform. This module empowers you to monitor driver and vehicle performance comprehensively, directly addressing issues related to driving habits or managing courier tasks efficiently through a mobile application.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive Data Collection: Gathers and analyzes GPS location data and inputs from various sensors including fuel consumption, door status, impact detection, and video surveillance.
  • Route and Delivery Monitoring: Keeps track of the progress along planned routes, comparing planned versus actual performance.
  • Instant Alerts: Sets up triggers for any deviation from set routes or schedules, promptly notifying dispatchers and clients.
  • Interactive Client Communication: Engages with clients via a dedicated portal, mobile app, TelegramBot, and other instant messaging platforms for real-time updates.

By leveraging our telematics module, you gain unparalleled visibility into your fleet operations, enhancing route planning, fuel management, and overall service delivery—keeping both your team and clients informed every step of the way.


TMS in Industries

Transportation Management System for FTL

Our TMS system will help to avoid empty returns, cut spending, increase revenue, and gain 24/7 visibility over your vehicles. You will get the ability to plan the delivery chain maximize the use of the fleet and increase margins.

The recommended modules for FTL businesses are Planning, Telematics, Customer Portal, and MTE. These modules work together to help you shorten delivery time, and maximize and optimize the use of your fleet. 

Transportation Management System for LTL

TMS will be a huge help in optimizing truck loads with AI modules to cut delivery time, and costs and meet the requirements of your customers. LTL businesses can use our modules to get the best out of their fleet by optimizing space allocation.

Our recommended modules are Planning, Telematics, Client Portal, and MTE, which will help to better communicate with customers and ensure cargo compatibility.

Transportation Management System for Couriers

TMS will ease the planning of courier work schedules, avoid downtime or lack of couriers, and increase their productivity while delivering orders. An automatic sequence of visits to delivery points and collection of cargo will help your customers gain full visibility over their order status.

Our recommended modules are Planning, Telematics, Client Portal, MTE, and AI so you could more accurately predict the time for picking and movement to optimize the workload.

Transportation Management System for Retailers, Manufacturers or Distributors

TMS will ease the allocation of truck space by using the unloading methods based on your good types and compatibility to meet the requirements of timely deliveries. Our modules help you to move as much cargo as possible and boost your profits.

We recommend using Planning, Telematics, Client Portal, ATP, and AI modules to optimize every step of the process from order acceptance up to delivery. 

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