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The object recognition system based on AI (neural networks) will allow you to recognize different objects, like faces, goods, and other objects, and determine their belonging, count, form a black-and-white list, and control access to the system.

About AI Recognition

Recognition systems based on trained neural networks are now solving tasks that were previously available only to humans. It has become increasingly popular and effective in a wide range of tasks, from image and video analysis to autonomous vehicles and robotics. The use of various networks will allow you to automate many processes. These systems can learn from large amounts of data and improve their accuracy over time, making them useful for a wide variety of businesses.

  • Object recognition is a critical component of autonomous vehicles. These systems use cameras and other sensors to detect and identify objects on the road, and then make decisions based on that information
  • Many vehicles are equipped with driver assistance systems that use object recognition to improve safety
  • Object recognition can also be used in traffic management systems to detect and analyze traffic flow, identify accidents, and monitor road conditions. This information can be used to optimize traffic flow and reduce congestion
  • This system can also be used to monitor infrastructure, such as bridges and tunnels, for signs of damage or wear to identify potential safety hazards and prioritize maintenance and repair efforts

What’s Part of the Service?

The system face recognition and other parameters:

It will help you to accurately and quickly search for faces in the database of saved persons, and determine gender, age, and emotions. This function can be used to search for thieves and other intruders in stores. You will also be able to search through the list of “allowed” persons or the “white list" in fitness halls, restaurants, and other establishments to identify the guest. The same function of the “whitelist” is also used to account for staff working hours (“tabulation"). It will help you to reduce the cost of accounting and increase its accuracy. Also, using API for connecting external software solutions, it will allow you to integrate this solution into almost any software package you need.

Tracking people:

This type of neural network identifies a person in the video, not just a face. You can use it when calculating the number of visitors in various areas of the store, warehouse, or production. Also, this type of tracking will allow you to “lead” a person from camera to camera, tracking the number of people in certain zones. You can also use it to control the length of the queue, which allows employees to use their time more efficiently by automatically redirecting their time from work at the checkout to other areas of the store.

Recognition of objects and counting their number:

Using specially prepared datasets, you can train the recognition of almost any object of the product group and use quantity counting. This can be used in retail, to determine the quantity of goods on the shelves and the need to take the goods out of the warehouse before they are counted at the checkout. You can also apply this in a warehouse in the WMS system for an automated inventory process using drones.

Recognition of text groups - price tags, labels:

If you have several text objects with a complex text arrangement, with the context of the surrounding text relative to the neighboring one, this system will be a huge help in organizing these items, like price tags in stores. Price tag automation recognition and price control issues are solved within the framework of the “Mystery customer” solution. It supports mobile applications, with tasks for products or groups of products that need to be monitored.

You can take photos of the right price tags quickly. The photos are transmitted to the server, where trained neural networks recognize fonts of different types, make a comparison of abbreviated product names with their own SKUs, receive wholesale/retail prices, signs of promotional goods, and more. Thus, in a few minutes after sending photos to the server, you will get a report with data about the competitor's prices in the ERP system, and using our TMS system, you will be able to control the movement of an employee through competitors' stores.

Measurement of dimensions by video:

This solution uses the effect of stereo vision, similar to how a person determines the size. Only a neural network can determine in milliseconds the size of boxes with an accuracy of 1 mm. The size of the boxes can be from 5 mm to 2 meters or more. This solution can be used in warehouses or self-service points of postal companies or distributors /marketplaces to ease the working processes.

Voice platform:

The generation of voice commands from text (text-to-speech) and text recognition from voice messages (speech-to-text) will become important elements in simplifying employee communication with the system. You can use this platform for warehouse workers in WMS, for employees in the retail sales area, and for other areas of your interest.

Object recognition systems based on machine learning have become increasingly important in many different industries and systems. These systems continue to improve and become more accurate, they have the potential to revolutionize the way we can set interactions and workloads.

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Face Recognition System

Our face recognition system will allow you to build a “digital impression” or “face descriptors” based on the existing database of persons you added to the system. Subsequently, the online system finds faces in the video stream coming from the cameras, builds “face descriptors” and searches for similar ones in the database of existing persons.

The system can be used both to search for undesirable persons (blacklist, list of scammers) and the reverse option (whitelist, list of employees). The system can be used in any process where biometric identification is required without physical contact and is important for transportation authorities to develop clear policies and guidelines.

  • Improves security by identifying and tracking potential threats, such as undesired persons or persons who were not registered to access the vehicle
  • Face recognition technology can speed up registration by eliminating the need for physical documents
  • Helps to verify the identity of drivers for transportation services or in other areas and helps to ensure that only authorized drivers can access vehicles or attend the area
  • Provides driver monitoring to control behavior or check for signs of fatigue or distraction, which will improve driver safety and reduce the risk of accidents

Access Control System

The facial recognition module is used to improve security by accurately identifying people and objects that are attempting to gain access to your facility or area. Then you can decide to allow access, often with the help of third-party systems that are called through the API. This can be an ACMS (Access Control and Management System), a timesheet system, etc.

  • Recognizes certain objects or individuals, such as authorized personnel or specific vehicles, detects unauthorized objects or individuals, and can trigger an alarm or deny access
  • Supports a biometric scanner to recognize a person's unique facial features, and fingerprints to grant access to a secure area
  • Helps automate the process of identifying and verifying individuals or objects, which can save time and reduce the need for manual intervention
  • Can be customized to meet the specific needs and requirements of a facility or organization and simply integrates with other security systems and technologies

Counting Visitors to the property

Uses a facial recognition module and tracks the movement of people by counting unique visitors. This module can be used to automatically record the number of visitors in different parts of the store or other objects, control the size of the queue at the checkout, etc. It will benefit you as a property owner or your managers, improving security, resource utilization, customer experience, operational efficiency, and compliance.

  • Tracks who is coming and going from a property, which enhances security by providing a record of activity
  • Optimizes your resources by counting visitors on a property at any given time and will help to manage staffing, parking, and equipment
  • Helps to ensure compliance with occupancy limits, fire codes, and other regulatory requirements
  • Elevates your resources and operations and helps to reduce costs by improving the efficiency of a property

Object recognition and object count

The object recognition module and counting the number of objects can be used for automatic quality control of the location of goods on the shelves or to generate an event of the need to replenish stocks of goods on the shelf.

You can do this both from a camera installed on the trading floor and from a camera on a cleaning robot. This will identify the condition of the goods on the shelves and promptly inform about the need to replenish the shelf right after the goods have been picked by customers.

  • Uses advanced algorithms to accurately identify and count objects, resulting in higher accuracy compared to manual counting methods
  • Assists in reducing costs associated with manual counting methods, such as labor costs and time spent on manual data entry
  • Helps to free up staff to focus on other tasks, leading to increased productivity, efficiency and is less prone to human errors, such as miscounts or misidentifications, resulting in more reliable data
  • Boosts optimization of your services and improves the overall customer experience

Car license plate recognition

Unlike the number recognition systems built into smart cameras, this module can be quickly trained on numbers from different countries, thus offering significant benefits to your organization by bringing enhanced security, improved traffic management, cost savings, automation, customization, scalability, and data analytics by identifying suspicious or unauthorized vehicles in real-time.

  • Assists in managing traffic flow by detecting and tracking vehicles and monitoring traffic patterns
  • Reduces costs associated with manual monitoring and enforcement of parking, tolls, and other traffic-related activities
  • Automates the process of capturing license plate data, reducing the need for manual intervention and increases efficiency
  • Easily customized to meet the specific needs and requirements of your facility or organization
  • Helps to provide insights into traffic patterns, usage rates, and other metrics, which can be used to optimize your traffic management strategies

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AI Recognition in Industries

AI Recognition System for Retailers

Improves your customer’s experience and increases security measures. You can use almost all available TocanSoft AI recognition modules: Face recognition System, Access Control System, Visitor Counting System, Object recognition System, and counting the number of objects to personalize your shopping experience, do better queue management, and obtain customer analytics.

AI Recognition System for Manufacturers

Modules with an object recognition system and counting the number of objects will help automate the flow and improve quality control during manufacturing processes.

It will also obtain predictive maintenance, and safety monitoring, optimize your supply chain, and reduce the risk of faulty products reaching the market.

AI Recognition System for 3PL/4PL Operators

Automate the warehouse processes and make warehouse workers more efficient. It is good for package sorting, and package tracking and will help to optimize your delivery. You can also prevent fraud activity and secure all workflows.

Suggested systems are: Face Recognition System, Access Control System, Visitor Counting System, Object recognition System, and counting the number of objects.

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