Supply Chain Management System

TocanSoft Supply Chain Management system will bring you to effective management during your operations. We understand that it is very important for the success of the supply chain and requires careful planning, coordination, and monitoring. It will ensure that each stage operates efficiently and effectively.

About Supply Chain System

The supply chain management system will allow you to automate the work of forecasting demand and planning orders for restocking, it takes into account many factors, including promotional activity. The system will allow you to work both independently and in full integration with ERP and corporate BI. 

Our implemented AI modules take into account world practices, allowing us to achieve the highest accuracy of the forecast even in businesses that are difficult for such forecasting.

This solution includes modules for the following roles:

  • For data analysts to improve demand forecasting, inventory optimization, risk management, supplier performance management, and logistics optimization
  • For category managers by helping in supplier selection and management, product assortment planning, cost management, and quality control
  • For buyers to improve supplier identification and selection, pricing and delivery terms negotiation, order placement and management, inventory management, and supplier relationship management
  • For top managers it will help in strategic planning, decision-making, performance monitoring/evaluation, supplier and customer relationship management

What’s Part of the Service?

  • A user-friendly interface is available for conveniently entering goods into the assortment by stock points;
  • The initial forecast for a new product can be accounted for in either units or as a percentage;
  • The demand forecast is automatically adjusted based on actual consumption data, and sales volume for new products is automatically accounted for in the general demand forecast;
  • Mathematical methods are used to smooth sales statistics when calculating the demand forecast, which includes smoothing zeros and peaks
  • The mathematical model of demand forecasting takes into account trends and seasonality;
  • A detailed forecast is provided for SKU, units, and currency. It is possible to build a demand forecast by stock points and a separate assortment, with seasonality coefficients calculated
  • Approved data on the introduction of new products and promotions are applied to the general demand forecast;
  • The accuracy of the demand forecast is assessed using "MAPE" and "BIAS";
  • A user-friendly visual interface is available for analytics, and expert amendments can be made interactively
  • The result obtained is forecast accuracy up to 98.7%
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Gives Visibility

TocanSoft supply chain management system (SCM) will give you the ability to see and track inventory, orders, and shipments as they move through the supply chain.

This will help you to identify potential disruptions, manage inventory levels, and optimize supply chain operations. With the help of advanced technologies your supply chain visibility can be highly improved and real-time data can be obtained fast.

Improves efficiency

Our supply chain management system involves streamlining and optimizing supply chain operations to minimize waste, reduce costs, and improve productivity.

This includes reducing lead times, improving inventory management, optimizing transportation and logistics, and improving communication and collaboration between suppliers, manufacturers, and customers.

provides permanence

Our supply chain management system will provide you with permanence in resistance and recovery from disruptions such as natural disasters, supplier bankruptcy, or sudden changes in demand.

Supply chain requires flexibility, redundancy, and emergency planning to ensure that critical functions can continue in the face of unexpected events. This includes having backup suppliers, alternative transportation routes, and emergency response plans in place.


Supply Chain in Industries

Supply Chain Management System for Retailers

By analyzing sales data, market trends, and other factors, the system can help you determine the right amount of inventory to stock in stores or warehouses and forecast customer demand for products.

By monitoring supplier performance, negotiating prices, and managing contracts, you can ensure the receipt of high-quality products at the right price and at the right time.

Supply Chain Management System for Distributor

The system will allow you to get an analysis with a sales forecast based on daily data and calculate the optimal timing and supplier for placing an order to reduce costs and minimize losses, while maximizing profits.

The calculation is based on factors such as sales, inventory levels, and promotions. The calculation can be done for individual stock points or for the entire company. The system also includes functionality for creating an order plan in automatic or semi-automatic mode, with the possible involvement of a buyer.

Supply Chain Management System for Manufacturers

Using daily data and reports, the system provides an analysis that includes a sales forecast. This analysis can be used to predict the purchase of raw materials and components with minimal risk and avoid lengthy storage times in the warehouse.

This will help you to create an order plan that can be generated in automatic or semi-automatic mode, with the possible involvement of a buyer.

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