Tocan Helps Unique Trade Optimize the Distribution of 100,000 Auto Components

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Distribution Automation System


A large-scale parts importer in the auto industry with a dedicated fleet needed a solution to reduce shipping and accounting errors while minimizing delivery costs. 


Tocan offered a fully configurable solution that optimizes route planning and eliminates manual bookkeeping operations. 


With the new system in place, Unique Trade has reduced shipping costs by 18 percent, and its distribution system can grow infinitely. 

Unique Trade Supports a Nationwide Sales Network 

Established in 1994, Unique Trade is Ukraine's leading importer of auto parts and lubricants. Its portfolio includes over 100,000 components from more than 100 global brands. Over the years, the company has earned a reputation for reliable delivery, outstanding customer support, and an easy purchase process. It ships products to both wholesale and retail customers. 

To meet competitive market conditions, UT has built a nationwide distribution system that spans 13 regional centers in the largest urban areas in Ukraine. It consists of 23000 square meters of storage space, 7600 square meters of warehouse facilities, and a fleet of 100+ vehicles. The company’s success hinges on timely deliveries with minimum cost and errors—an exceedingly demanding feat as the distribution network has continued to grow. 

Frequent Delivery Errors Leave Customers Dissatisfied 

When Unique Trade reached out to us, it had experienced consistent growth for many years. However, during the discovery phase, we found that the client struggled with shipment quality. Their customers complained about frequent delays and mix-ups. And maintaining accurate records had become a compounding problem, especially as the company accepted cash payments. 

After a survey of the current logistics processes, we identified route planning as the most inefficient piece of the puzzle. Delivery vehicles had to travel more miles than necessary, which caused delays and extra costs. 

These problems were directly impacting the company’s bottom line. Therefore, the management team sought an advanced solution to eliminate accounting errors, streamline the shipping process, and enable future growth. 

Tocan's TMS Eliminates Delivery Errors 

After a rigorous search process, the company decided to work with Tocan, as our fully customizable Transportation Management System offers superior flexibility to meet the needs of a large-scale business. 

Toucan’s smart algorithms generate the most efficient routes by assessing more than a dozen factors, while our mobile application enables route execution tracking and automated accounting. 

The solution relies on two major components in the Tocan ecosystem: 

  • The Transport Management System automates route planning and regenerates routes in under 25 minutes by considering cost, distance, and deadlines, among other things. 
  • The Mobile Delivery component tracks route execution via GPS, allowing for route re-planning in case of accidents. Moreover, the component promotes transparency throughout the network by communicating data in real time. 

The New System Provides Room for Future Growth 

With the new system in place, Unique Trade has achieved an 18-percent reduction in delivery costs. More importantly, delivery and accounting errors have dropped to nearly zero. And thanks to the mobile application, drivers, forwarding agents, and warehouse personnel have significantly less paperwork. 

Tocan's TMS provides a comprehensive dashboard to analyze and track the distribution network’s performance based on the latest available data. As a result, the company’s financial and logistics managers can quickly respond to changes. 

Given our emphasis on efficiency, the TMS was integrated into Unique Trade’s systems without adding extra personnel to the logistics department. As the company expands into new markets, new logisticians can be trained in two to four days. 

All of these changes have contributed to higher customer satisfaction and improved the bottom line for Unique Trade. Moreover, the company is now better positioned to respond to competitive pressures. 

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