Delamode Romania Improves Customer Satisfaction and Attraction Using Tocan’s TMS

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Delamode Romania S.R.L.
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Transportation Management System


A widely accredited international logistics company needed an efficient transportation management system to optimize delivery processes, improve communication among the parties involved, and reduce costs.


Tocan offered a TMS platform that helped organize data flow coming from their customers and find the best routes for their trucks to improve delivery speed and quality.


Thanks to the new transportation management system, Delamode Romania can now update transportation and delivery data for all customers, leading to increased customer attraction and retention.

Delamode Romania SRL Delivers Pallet Cargo Across Europe

With more than 1000 employees in multiple European countries, Delamode Romania is a freight management service transporting pallet cargo for large, multinational companies. The company offers a wide range of services across Europe, from domestic distribution to customs clearance and groupage services. These services cater to a massive variety of customers of different types and sizes.

Delamode Romania manages ten warehouses in Romania and runs several offices in the UK, Estonia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, and several other European countries. They have served over 12,000 customers over the 30 years they have been in business. Since they receive data from several customers, the company needs a robust solution to organize this data to help their customers gain more visibility in their transportation processes.

Lack of Visibility Posed a Significant Challenge in Managing Freight

When Delamode Romania reached out to us, they were overwhelmed by the massive amount of data coming from their high-profile and large-scale customers, such as PepsiCo. So, they needed a system to help them organize this data, automate the entire delivery process, and reduce costs.

One of the biggest challenges was to automate and optimize communication between drivers, dispatchers, and the client to ensure each order’s status was clear throughout the process. The company’s ERP needed to be automated and updated to boost the quality of delivery. They specifically wanted a way to find the best delivery routes to reduce costs and attract more customers.

Tocan’s TMS Optimizes Delivery for Delamode Romania

After comparing a wide range of options, Delamode Romania decided that Tocan’s TMS solutions are flexible and robust enough to address all their needs. We designed a transportation management system that helped the company stay on top of traffic and weather conditions to minimize on-the-road inefficiencies.

We assessed the company’s logistics infrastructure to detect the pain points that needed to be addressed through the TMS. The main objective was to automate the entire delivery process, from the moment a customer places orders until they receive them.

The New Transportation Management System Improved Customer Attraction  

Tocan’s TMS solution has helped Delamode Romania plan and optimize all its delivery routes effectively. This solution allows them to adjust to changes in road conditions and find the best route for their own and hired trucks.

Moreover, the new system has helped manage waybills to offer the highest visibility and control over cargo and truck loads. This way, the company could optimize its fleet and resource allocation to orders.

The new system allowed Delamode Romania to meet the SLA requirements and speed up the process of updating data coming from customers. The optimal and real-time communication between the dispatchers, drivers, and customers helped the company increase customer satisfaction by giving them full visibility over the status of their orders.

Tocan’s transportation management system created a tightly managed delivery loop that accounts for returnable packaging. This improved management led to considerable cost savings and higher-quality services.

These changes improved product delivery quality and helped the company attract new customers, especially large companies with large-scale orders.

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